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I had been given my kit and told to get it washed, mom darned up all the holes in the socks, washed and ironed it all, I was dropped after the first game so I cut out all of moms repairs and went back to the junior team.

I was also a milk monitor handing out those small milk bottles in the playground and apparatus monitor setting up the climbing frames with the spikey coconut mats below in the assembly hall, that then became the PE hall for 30 minutes then we had to take it all down so it could become the dining hall where my mom was a dinner lady for a while.

So it was such a surprise and delight to come across this photograph of my class at School, 1954 I think?

I remember that we had to make the dresses we are wearing in our needlework class. However the girl next to him with a scarf on is Maureen Richards.

This is another photograph of the Osler Street Football Team about the same year 1952, which I was not a member of but I did know some of the names from the left is the Sports teacher, Back row second left is John Richmond, the gentleman on the end with the glasses is the Headmaster.

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I could be wrong, but I seem to remember Marion Westwood bringing in Hermans Hermits "I'm Into Something Good".

Quite a few remember their time at senior school, but not so much about the J & I, so I have jotted down just one or two of my early memories at Osler Street J & I which I started around 1959/60 in Miss Voreneska's class and finished in Mr Pritchards 1965.

After just learning to swim thanks to a neighbour Mr Bishton, I was picked to swim in the school gala which I think was at Kent Street baths.

I cant see my best friend Kathleen Young, as she was, (but we still keep in contact) but I can remember some of the names from that class. At that time my name was Bill Hunt and remember Derek quite well.

In no particular order Janet Smith, Jean Drew, Elaine Owen, Doreen Frost, Joan Deakin, Pamela Worrell, Maureen Hawthorn, Pauline Glaze, Ursula Ramshaw, Una Hunt, Marian Scott, Marion Harris, Joan Hunt, Maureen Clarke, Catherine Hanks, Pauline Turner, I'm front row, third in from the right, Lynn Hazel Crabtree, aged 5yrs. I think the teacher he mentioned was Mr Sunderland and he took 1B for a while; I seem to remember we were a handful and he found us difficult to handle at times and Mr Bowen took over.I HAVE NOT LOOKED AT YOUR SITE FOR A LITTLE WHILE BUT WHEN I DO IT ALWAYS BRINGS THE MEMORIES FLOODING BACK PARTICULARLY THE SECTIONS LADYWOOD ROAD IN WHICH I LIVED AND ALSO OSLER STREET SCHOOL WHICH I ATTENDED FROM 1941 UNTIL 1952.

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