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24-Dec-2017 12:06

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South African non-profit Rhiza Babuyile was founded in 2005 with the aim of eradicating poverty in selected townships.They do this by giving historically disadvantaged individuals the tools to be completely self sustaining, offering education, healthcare, enterprise and skills development.Their signature projects include mobile clinics and business hubs in Diepsloot (north of Johannesburg) and a skills development project in Orange Farm (south of Johannesburg) that is helping launch the careers of aspiring fashion designers in the community.The NPO plays an important role in the community of Orange Farm, where – like in many South African townships – people battle with making ends meet due to unemployment and other socio-economic challenges.Rhiza Babuyile’s skills development programme in Orange Farm trains young people in fashion design.

The Feed the Future (FTF) initiative is the primary U. Government vehicle for eradicating extreme poverty and hunger globally by 2033 under the leadership of USAID.Smallpox was deemed eradicated by a group of independent international experts who certified the country was free from smallpox for at least two years and that the surveillance systems were capable of detecting outbreaks.