Girls insecurities dating

27-Nov-2017 21:21

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Reflect her emotions back Oftentimes people need to hear their emotions reflected back to them in order to understand them fully, and to feel understood. Look into the feelings and needs behind her words, and share them with her.

Notice that this dialogue is centered on her emotions and needs. The last thing an insecure woman needs to hear is a defensive counterattack, like: “What do you want me to do about it?

I never do anything wrong, and you always treat me like a criminal!

” Women who express their insecurity are in need of acknowledgement and security in that moment.

Giving your whole body to someone without also giving your whole mind, heart, and future creates an incongruence that slowly eats at a relationship until there’s no security left.

You can rebuild security in a relationship by redoubling your commitment to her mind and heart, and by reserving sex for the deepest commitment to life and love; until sex is a celebration of your growth and commitment together.

If you are in a relationship with such a woman, don’t lose hope.

Though it isn’t your responsibility to “fix” her, you can help her by fostering intimacy through vulnerability.

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Since fathers care for their daughters in non-sexual ways, it is almost impossible to fill a father wound with a sexual relationship.

And until those wounds are acknowledged and healed, insecurity will continue to surface in a relationship.

A woman needs to feel completely loved and cherished in order to give herself entirely to a man, and an internalized sense of abandonment can prevent her from ever being fully free.

When a woman begins to feel the sting of an old wound resurface, she has a tendency of covering it up by closing off entirely, or by unleashing emotionally.

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If you are confronted with a weird-seeming emotional response to your actions, try your best not to feel offended. Instead, empathize with her need to be secure, and with the roots of her insecurity.Sometimes sharing a concern or a feeling is just what a woman needs to feel safe in sharing her innermost world with you.