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Beth and Kirk are back home with a crowd singing Happy Birthday to Craig. It was fine, which is a bit annoying because she'd picked out some nice frames. Liz asks to see Steve - the juke box is playing up. Nick calls Leanne Carla while they're doing dishes. She doesn't want to pretend he wasn't happy with Carla. " Because she didn't have a one-night stand with a stranger - she had one with Steve, she tells him. The end Margaret Carr This is episode 8982 and it was written by Ella Greenhill, the director was Menhaj Huda. Bethany is being bullied again as she comes out of the loser's class. (Remember this is the confident girl who waltzed on to the Street some months ago and was getting free drinks in the Rovers and so on when she arrived). Lauren tells her that no-one punches her and gets away with it.

Izzy says it's difficult to work with someone who reports back on their activities. Johnny says this is nothing to do with any of them. Johnny orders them back on the machines "or you're out permanently." Aidan says their jobs are safe but to get back to work. Steve doesn't want an eye test with someone five inches from your face in the dark. His application has been rejected due to his failure to declare a relative's criminal conviction. She tells him the juke box was just another lie - "Chuck it on the pile with the rest of the lies." But she tells him he and Michelle are good together. Is she saying she realises he can't lose that relationship?

He offers her chips but worried about her miniscule figure alleges that Gran has made her tea. They part and coming the other way are Tim and Faye worried about Craig.

He is working on a muriel and they say if caught he will have no chance of joining the police - but that is dead anyway. Faye gives him a hug to calm him down which he accepts.

Nick tells him they are fine but Simon knows they have been arguing. Si accepts this and tells Nick he has another six months of her crying and he had better be ready for it. Over at the factory the reveal of Jenny/Johnny is leading to some smirking between the girls whilst Aidan wants to know where Johnny has gone - apparently for a walk.

But he has to race home - as he goes in he scoops up the post and puts it on the stairs. Tim meets Craig at the bus stop and reminds him he's buying his first legal pint. In the pub, Craig says he's waiting for his Special Constabulary letter. He's talking to Kev, Steve and Tim and invites them to his birthday tea. Oh dear, Simon arrives and can work out all is not well.

She lowers herself so her breasts rub each side of his head. He says Johnny is trying to play the big man but Jenny is a gold digger.

Eva appears in the door of the factory office with Aidan sunk in thought.

She gives him a shoulder rub and he says Johnny has no respect for him.

Michelle quite fancies glasses but she says she's seen Steve squinting at change and thinks he needs them more than she does. Beth asks Craig to talk to her, he refuses to even listen as she is a liar. He tells her she is gobby, she is selfish and now she is a liar as well.

Kate suggests that Aidan moves in with her if he cannot face being with Eva he could say she is struggling with the rent, but Aidan knows that Eva will not swallow that.

In the back room of the Rovers, Liz isn't talking to Steve. " Aidan asks him, though of course Johnny knows exactly how that feels. He gets up and grabbing something storms out slamming the door behind him. Leanne returns to the flat's living room and Nick says that Simon is in the shower. The present is the three of them, and Nick adds plus Steve's baby. Nick tells Leanne the problem is because she messed up lying to his face. Nick therefore knows that Steve knows (as does Liz of course).

We specifically aimed to design an intervention that would have wide appeal to young people in New Zealand and elsewhere and that would be enjoyable, thus resulting in good adherence rates.… continue reading »

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‘Two Layer Theory’ geeft je een grondige uitleg over hoe je zinvol daten kan en verschaft je verrassende inzichten over hoe mannen in elkaar zitten. Het is meer dan enkel een boek in die zin dat je inclusief persoonlijk advies kan krijgen.… continue reading »

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