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06-Aug-2017 18:56

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You can then go out for vintage Sauvignon Blanc, stroll along the East River and tell your friends how impressed you were when she started spouting off the principles of French Impressionism, but who really wants any of that?I expected the world from Tinder when I first started.I’d received a flood of screencaps from my friends of ridiculous conversations they’d had and scantily clad college girls. It isn’t really “dating,” and the Facebook angle made me feel like I was just repurposing the ubiquitous social media site.On Tinder, both men and women flip through Facebook pictures of the opposite or same sex, and gawk and gush before selecting a few pretty faces from the yearning masses.

There’s a short bio, age and mutual friends listed, but who’s really paying attention to that stuff when your Tinder flame is wearing next to nothing on the beach?

Before I downloaded the app, I had no clue what it was, but listening to my buddies raving about it, you’d think it was the second coming of Facebook.

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