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17-Oct-2017 04:50

One of the things I would really like to do on my property is to install a series of rain barrels.

Even if I don’t plan on being off grid, this is one thing I can do to become more self-reliant where I live.

Bagels and lox Woody Allen movies ≠ Jewish upbringing.

“But I’ve mellowed.” On our fourth date, she came over to my apartment. But when your partner who puts “Catholic” on her OKCupid profile says, “I just want my children to be raised in a religion,” she is laying down a challenge: If you are making me sacrifice sharing my religion with my children, then you better be ready to share yours.

I wasn’t ageist—at least that’s what I tell myself—but I want to have kids. I had dated teachers before and was looking for something different. It means they knowingly are excluding a significant number of potential suitors who are actively anti-religious, non-religious or uncomfortable with the whole topic. She appreciated that I noted that I was aware that my job description sounded “douchy.” (I’m a business strategy consultant for the telecom industry. Also, I had recently broken up with somebody—a “perfect on paper” and Jewish, but not so perfect a match in reality, somebody—and was still kind of beat up about it.

Or, they could be sharing an interesting detail, a conversational topic for late in a good first date.

Then again—most of those people are on JDate instead.

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I use my freezer heavily for my food storage plan and I’m always worried about losing all our hard work if the power goes out.

Tiny houses are all the rage and Teri Page lives in one.

The reef itself is a fringing reef – a 160 mile barrier protecting a shallow lagoon of clear tropical waters, home to more than 200 species of coral and over 500 types of fish, as well as whale sharks, manta rays and turtles.… continue reading »

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(#Emotional.) Conversely, my second online date led to almost a year of semi-dating, and a year more of staying in touch via text and the occasional bed, and I'll always be happy that I met and know this person.… continue reading »

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