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Early European documents and manuscriptions use quite different spellings for many Maori words and it is only through later standardisation that current spellings are used.) The story goes that after sailing from somewhere on the east coast of Scotland (probably Perth/Fifeshire) the fleet of three ships sailed north ot Orkney.

They then sailed the length of the Atlantic and around the south of Africa.

This determined there were two separate pieces of land.In that, perhaps it was a more successful settlement than was the Viking settlement at Brattahild in Greenland.(the big cattle farmer) was delivered by three seagoing longships (birlinns? Banishment was not an uncommon feature of the times and in this case the term was for seven generations after he had been incacerated in a dungeon for three years already by his friend King Alexander I of Scotland (reigned 1107-1124AD).However this article is about a particular NZ example, with some general observations thrown in.

The following is an example of an oral history supported by records held in Scotland.

The survival of Taine's group was initially in their own hands and by the will of God. Eventually some tools were obtained by trade with visiting Portuguese, and the colony grew.

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The admission of Jews was one of the infractions against the Treaty of Utrecht that the Spanish used (others were the admission of Moors, the extension of fortifications and the alleged smuggling from Gibraltar) to consider that the British had abrogated the Treaty.… continue reading »

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