Updating satellite orbit data suunto

26-Nov-2017 19:32

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In the lead developer’s words, I went and used the Ambit3 Sport, for testing purposes, alongside my “trusty old” (read: last year’s) Ambit2 on the Traunsee mountain marathon on July 5, even as it was only in beta and not even officially announced as coming out, by then – and the HR belt just stopped transmitting after about 3 hours, the GPS regularly puts me as having been in the lake itself: That was then, however, when the software was still in beta. Now, only the Movescount servers seem to be in need of greater care and attention. And while we’re at it, a local software would be nice to have, after all, in spite of all the recent infatuation with ‘the cloud’…Mid-August, with the release approaching, I took the Ambit3 (connected to the Movescount app on my i Pod touch 5G) and the Ambit2 on the Hong Kong Trail, and it all performed flawlessly.Had there been any recording of a position far away from the actual, it would be a bad sign; the ‘jittering’ is a normal GPS issue and not much of a problem when on the move.) The different average cadence recorded is the one value that truly has me puzzled…The difference in (average) heart rate data (of 6 bpm) speaks to the different HR belts getting somewhat different readings.

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maybe making one less well capable of picking up the heart rate.

(Click for larger view.) Considering the problems with GPS altitude, the high and low points given by the two devices are positive surprises, but I’ve seen worse.