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24-Jul-2017 14:21

The last Colour presentation took place in Torbay, South Devon on the 28th and 29th July 1969.On that occasion more than 30 naval and submarines from the Western Fleet anchored in Tor Bay for an inspection by The Queen.‘I do take the view that you are a dangerous man and you present a constant and persistent danger to women and children.’ The judge told Gotham: ‘On many levels it is painful to have to sentence you to a period of custody because it is clear that until your late 20s you led a hard-working life.‘You fell under the corrupting influence of Mr Forbes.For spectators on shore one of the highlights was a fly-past by 89 helicopters and aircraft from the Fleet Air Arm.The fleet review took place exactly 381 years to the day after Sir Francis Drake fought the last battle of the Armada.Devonport is the largest naval base in Western Europe.

Paedophile Ellis, who called the girl they abused ‘Sleeping Beauty’, was a key prosecution witness saying that Gotham was part of it.

She and co-accused Craig Forbes, 36, met American topless waitress Kori Ellis, 42, by typing in ‘paedo’ on a chat roulette site.